4 Ways to Earn Extra Income

Most people work hard to make ends meet and would appreciate a little something extra without working their fingers to the bone. Luckily, there are many ways to earn extra income that don’t require you to commit to long hours and hard work. If you want to pocket extra funds without stressing yourself, take a look at the four ideas below and put one or more ideas to use to earn your money.

1- Become a Notary

A notary is a job title that looks great on any resume. This is a mobile job in many cases, one that calls you as-needed. It’s a nice chunk of change for anyone in a larger city working just a couple of hours here and there. Plus, the work is totally easy. And, once you learn how to become a notary it will further inspire you to attain certification.

2- Deliver Newspapers

Early hours and late afternoon paper delivery routes are available in many cities and towns. If this is an option, you can make a nice little bit of money each week with this simple task. You must be at least 18 years old and have a vehicle to perform this job.

3- Take Surveys

Online surveys can pay well if you hook up with the right company. Check out the options well before you sign up, since a lot of scams are mixed with the legit companies. It’s fun to give your opinion about various topics and getting rewarded for it is even nicer.

how to become a notary

4- Become a Sales Rep

Three days, sales reps are needed for beauty products, health products, pet products and tons more. There is literally something out there for every interest. Most sales positions pay commission so you can earn as much money as you’d like to earn.